Monday, March 31, 2008

a slight, almost update


We have just finished an AMAZING 9 days in San Diego - don't worry - I have pictures and stories to post (including my experience eating a live cricket today)! But not yet, because I'm not ready for another blogging all-nighter.

I love San Diego and want to move here. Seriously. Even though gas is 3.65 and I'd have to live in a cardboard box and eat ramen... so if anyone wants to come with...

We're off to LA tomorrow and will be playing a Spin magazine showcase in Hollywood on Tuesday! Then we keep traveling up the Cali coast and have shows every night Tues-Sun. I tell you this because I'm not sure when my next blogging opp will be.

But stay posted.


Paul Ormsbee said...

I just want to point out to you that your comment system is slightly manipulatory... we love you whether we leave a comment or not... there's no need to manipulate. So, in protest to manipulation in general, the instant i click the post comment button until 30 seconds after, I'll consider myself mildly indifferent towards you. no love here... HA! TAKE THAT MANIPULATION!

oh, and I get to see you guys in 11 days! woo!

Melissa said...

You ate a live cricket!?

kate said...

spin mag showcase- that is stellar!

see u soon