Saturday, March 1, 2008

day 21: dallas part 5

Wow, I never knew this blog was in such demand... my sincere apologies for writing this a few days late. ;) In order to make it up to you, I will sacrifice some sleep to hopefully remember all the happenings...

Today (well, not really today, but let's pretend) I first woke up at 6am... which is ridiculous, especially for a Saturday. When I woke up again at 11, Juli and Dann were happily at brunch with some of Juli's friends. I was feeling quite unhappy about missing out, until my friend Alyssa called... she is a good friend from Baylor, and the person to which I attribute my love of Harry Potter. Anyway, I hadn't seen her in a year and a half, and was ecstatic to spend time with her and her husband Chad.

After packing up and loading out, we rode off into the sunset to pick up Reid and Tifah from the Dallas airport. This is the one part of the day I remembered having a camera. Hence these very compelling pictures of the Dallas sunset (in the car, no less):

After our happy reunion and catching up on our 72 hours apart, we made the 4 hour drive to Houston. On the way we had a long discussion which Reid and Dann noted "would never happen in a band with all guys." (ie: we talked about connecting and our feelings...) I am delighted to say that since our big talk, the boys have taken it to heart, and now I frequently hear: "Aubrea, let's connect," "Look, we're connecting," and "I just want to connect with you." Haha!

Once we got into The Woodlands (where we stayed for the night) we pretty much met the people we were staying with, said hey, and then crashed.

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