Wednesday, March 5, 2008

day 25: austin part 1

Hello, Dearest Readers. I finally have 1)time 2)the internet 3)the desire to write on my blog. However, I do not have 4) pictures, as I keep forgetting to charge the ol' rechargeable batteries. But a few stories should suffice, right?

We were in Austin for about 6.5 hours. 1.5 of those hours were spent at our favorite Austin restaurant, Kerbey Lane (gingerbread pancakes, anyone?), and the other 5 were spent at the venue. Normally I would be quite upset to spend such a little time in such a great city, but (as we are circling Texas at 3 times this month) we will be back in the capital city next week to paint it red.

We played at a place called Emo's - right on 6th Street - which is a great place to play in Austin. I guess everyone stays in the week before SXSW (a huuuuge music festival happening next week), because once again we had a whopping 3 fans in the audience. I'd like to thank Jonny Hey (my cousin who happens to have great taste in music as well as the latest men's fashion), Courtney (another of Tifah's high school friends), and Emily (a friend from Boulder who's now at UT) for making it out and clapping in between songs.

After another fun experience of loading the trailer back up, I drove us to Waco at the happy hour of 2 am. I was so excited to be back in this blessed city (yes, I did say both "excited" and "blessed" in reference to Waco) that I may have not been paying attention to the GPS, and somehow found us driving by train tracks on an unpaved road. ??? Yeah, I'd never been to that part of Waco before... somehow my nostalgia overtook my driving skills...

But - don't worry, it all turned out okay. I'm just not allowed to drive in Waco anymore. ;)

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