Thursday, March 13, 2008

day 28-33: houston part 3

Houston is starting to feel like our home away from home.

Highlights include...
-Our "we're halfway done with tour" dinner at Saltgrass. Would it surprise you to know the 5 of us ordered the same thing?
-Actually getting 8 hours of sleep a night!
-Hanging out with Josey (my roommate from Boulder's mom). Working out with Josey. Talking to Josey. Laughing with Josey. She loves telling her friends that a rock band is staying at her house. :-) She also loves making fun of her friends who came to our show and plugged their ears the whole time because it was so loud! (She says because of this embarrassing behavior, they are uninvited to our future shows.)
-Walking through Houston neighborhoods. Can you believe neighbors actually say hi to you and then stop and talk to you here?
-Playing lots and lots and lots of Rock Band with Reagan and his friends.
-Going out with my cousin Becca a few nights. Even though one of her hangouts (the Armadillo Palace) had a huge Armadillo out front and played country music - I was totally into it! Another place I loved was called The Volcano - super cool atmosphere with lots of masks. It reminded me of my Hawaiian heritage, how could I not like it? (Thanks for taking me everywhere, Becca!)
-Playing at Ecclesia. This equals a 13-hour day.
-Catching up on college basketball in this magical season of March Madness.
-Perusing modern art museums with Dann and Tifah.
-Looking for needles in haystacks at Home Depot and Lowe's with Reid... in the end it was all worth it - he built me a sweet pedal board!
-Rehearsing with Ableton - our new computer program!
-Watching "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel. You would never believe how such things as lapel pins and golf clubs are made.
-Still forgetting to recharge my camera batteries... hence no pictures...

Our show at Walter's on Washington this week was another great show! After load in, we walked around the neighborhood looking for a place to eat with one of the other bands we were playing with... after walking for about 15 minutes and finding nothing, a fancy Italian restaurant appeared. The wait staff seemed excited to have us, as no one else was there. But after looking at the menu and noticing the high prices, we turned around to walk out. (This is a very normal occurrence - it's not unusual for us to walk in and out of at least 5 places before actually deciding on one.) Trying to persuade us to stay, the host said he would make us a deal and asked how much we were looking to spend. Tifah jumped right in and said, "We're poor musicians. So, comparable to Subway - $7 for food and a drink?" He smiled a big smile, said "Have a great night," and pointed to the door. Haha. Since that was our only option, we ended up eating stale snacks Juli's mom had given us a week before...

Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on such a tangent.

We had a great turnout - it almost felt like playing in Boulder with a crowd full of so many people we know. It was the first show to use my new pedal and Ableton... now all my loops are going through a computer, which means they are right on time and glorious!!!

My wrists are hurting from so much typing - which means this post is done. Hope you enjoyed the up-date.


mandy said...

Thanks for the updates! Hope you're still having a great time in Austin! And I'm so happy that you're now past the half-way mark!

Brooke said...

Oh how I miss you, but enjoy hearing the life of a rockstar. Houston sounds fun and of course so does hanging out with Mamma Josey! Love ya

ashlyn said...

you talked about my mom way more than you have ever talked about me :)

Shutterbugg02 said...

YAAAY!! I made the blog!

Oh, and folks... the giant 20 foot tall armadillo... she didn't even SEE it the first time!!! I had to point it out to her later...

But the Volcano was fun. There was a skeezie little band there... wow... those guys had some miles on 'em! :o)