Friday, March 7, 2008

day 27: dallas part 6

After a slight blogging-hiatus, I am ready to resume (hopefully) regular postings... also, the moms of the band are freaking out that no one has been posting as of late.
(Don't worry, moms, we are still alive.)

After brunch in my old dorm at Baylor (yes, I am one of "those" alumni), I insisted that Chris take Juli and I to see all the new buildings on campus. I don't know if it was the sunny day or the happy memories, but I had a pretty stupid grin walking around. I'm sure Chris felt like a tour guide as I kept asking all the typical highschool-senioresque questions...

We then made the 1.5 hour drive to Dallas (a familiar drive from the college days) and had a few hours to chill before heading to the venue. Tonight's location was The Door, a venue in Deep Ellum (let's just say it's not the nicest part of downtown Dallas). First we enjoyed delicious food and drink (the best burger of my life, I think):

(Picture stolen from Juli's blog because my camera is still battery-less)

Then, after suffering through countless screamo bands made up of teenage boys (Juli's blog is a must-see for more on this phenomenon), we finally took the stage.

And it was absolutely the best show so far of the tour! We had 50 people there just for us, and as soon as the first note was played, everyone else in the place swarmed over to the stage. Once again, I got to see friends from long ago. One of them was another pal I traipsed in the Ukraine with - Brittany (and her new husband Zach). Thanks to Brooke F for bringing a bunch of people and Brooke B for the gift-bags and Alyssa for being there... and to everyone else for buying shirts and cheering.

I had forgotten what a difference a good show makes... God bless Texas!
(Um, cheesy?)

Oh yeah - a shout-out to Gabe, who turned 23 today!!!

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Greg & Kim said...

Was Baylor even recognizable?

The that the same place you played with another band when we were still at Baylor and I came along as your roadie?