Sunday, March 2, 2008

day 22: houston part 1

This morning was an early one. We were supposed to be at the church we were playing at by 7:30... so it worked out really well for our GPS to keep freezing as we missed a turn somewhere and ended up being 30 minutes late. Additionally, this church met in a movie theater complex, which means that we had the pleasure of carrying our gear up and down escalators and elevators, through multiple glass doors, down hallways, past concession stands, and up and down more stairs.

Desperate times called for (gasp!) coffee. Those of you who know me know that I have caffeine about once every 2 years. Yes, today was that chosen day!

We made it to Tifah's parents' house just in time for lunch (ie: strategic free food location). I don't remember much after that, because as we were hanging out with her parents, I literally fell over on the couch and was out. Nap time didn't get to last too long, owing to the fact that we were back in the car driving to the next gig.

Taking pictures of me taking pictures of them

Reid loves him some merch

Our T's

Do you want some free music? Dann can hook you up

Foosball. The boys are fierce. Just ask Juli and I - we now owe them drinks. :P

The best part of the day for sure was arriving at the Reynold's. "Mama" Josey (my roommate in Boulder's mom) has been unanimously chosen as the bands' favorite. Luckily for her, we will be around not only part of this week, but most of the next.

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Moving Rushmore said...

How did I not know you have t-shirts?!? Where can I purchase one of said shirts?