Thursday, March 6, 2008

day 26: waco part 1

We woke up to... drizzle. Normally, this would of course suck. What made it even worse was that our show at Common Grounds was outside. Of course this was one of our only outdoor venues of the entire tour. Of course it hadn't rained in Waco for months until today. And of course it was 80 and beautiful here yesterday...

We stayed at our new friends Brooke and Freeland's house. I say "new" because we had only met them for about 5 minutes (at one of our shows in Denver a few months ago) previous to knocking on their door at 2 in the morning and overtaking their house. And I say "friends" because after spending 36 hours with people in their home and having them cook for you and bonding over Lost and wanting to adopt their personal zoo consisting of 2 Great Danes and 2 cats, you pretty much are friends.

As the rain poured down even harder, my dear friend Chris (along with Juli) picked me up and we headed to campus. After drying off, we found Brett and their baby Ellia, only to get soaked once again on our way to happy hour. By this time, our show was officially cancelled. (If you live in Waco, do not lose heart - we have a new show on March 18.) Later on, Chris, Juli, and I went to Common Grounds anyway... and after a few minutes, we noticed a guy we knew walk in the door. Turns out Kevin had driven all the way from Ft. Worth to see our show and had even bought a hotel room for the night. Needless to say, he was bummed that we weren't playing.

Juli and I crashed at Brett's little brother's house. Ryan was friends with my younger sis Malia - so it was weirding me out to be staying at his house that he owns with his wife! On this tour, I keep discovering more and more friends who have both spouses and houses. Maybe I could take a step towards stability and have a dog first?

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Greg & Kim said...

Spouses and houses! :) You're hilarious. (And sometimes I think that dogs may be more work than husbands...depending on the day.) Oh Waco...Common Grounds...Gibsons... I cannot tell you how badly I wish I were there with you! Does Baylor look completely different, or are SOME of the good ol' places still in tact?