Thursday, March 20, 2008

day 40: tempe/phoenix/scottsdale

The day started off with scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits and apple butter. We're staying with Robbie and Carissa, friends of Juli's and mine from Baylor. (Among other things, Robbie and Juli played in a band together, and Carissa and I were in the same group who traveled to Turkey during one of our spring breaks.) With their light, open apartment featuring great modern decorating and furniture, recycling and composts, and organic foods, I felt so at home. Again, I have to say one of my absolute favorite things about touring is reconnecting and hanging out with old friends.

Leaving Texas has brought a new energy - especially after realizing we had been there almost a full month! Arizona is gorgeous - sunny, no humidity to be felt, and not a cloud in the sky. Carissa took Dann, Juli and I on a little tour of downtown, right by the campus of Arizona State. An interesting thing about the area: Phoenix, Tempe (pronounced Temp-EE), and Scottsdale are all essentially the same city.

Carissa and Dann. I think the building to the right has some sort of significance, but now I don't remember. That's what I get for writing this a week later...

Tempe Beach Park

Juli and Dann fighting to the death... see how angry they look... and how effectively they punch.

Our show was at at place called the Rogue Bar. The sound guy didn't actually show up until our set had started, but a "new guy" named Manny held it together for us. Again, we didn't have a huge crowd (I think we brought 7 people?) but everyone else in the bar was pretty receptive. We played with a great band called Princess Lady Friend - I enjoyed their set so so much (check them out!).

Yay Arizona.


Greg & Kim said...

Thanks for the phonecall, friend! It was MARVELOUS to hear your voice!

Random comment: We just had a new percussionist join our band at church, and Greg & I call him "a Robbie" since he can play practically every instrument and is incredible on them all. :)

It's fun to live vicariously through you, visiting all these mutual friends through your blog! LOL!

kate said...

thanks for the update.
glad you are having beautiful weather. i have cabin fever. bring back the sunshine with you.

cara. said...

will new york ever make the cut?

Melissa said...

Hey! Ben was in Scottsdale with his family all of last week! He should've gone to see you guys play.